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Who we are

Wholesale fabrics stock in Prato who we are

Wholesale fabrics stock in Prato who are we? Our company deals with wholesale of fabrics in stock . Why choose Texrico S.r.L.?

Because among our articles you can find: lace; knitted fabrics; artificial and synthetic fiber fabrics; jeans fabrics; linen fabrics; rayon fabrics; patterned fabrics; polyester fabrics; embroidered fabrics so you have a wide choice of highly skilled fabrics.

Texrico S.r.L. wholesale fabric stock Prato is a well-established and very dynamic business because for over twenty-five years it has held a leading position in the wholesale and export of made in Italy fabrics.

We are in Prato – Macrolotto-1, very close to the PRATO – EST A11 exit.

From our warehouse we take care of selecting and selling high quality fabrics but we never stop updating ourselves to the latest trends.

You can contact us for the purchase of fabrics for the manufacture of garments fashion clothing, as well as fine fabrics available in many variations.

Watch one of our videos! So you can take a little trip to our warehouse.

The range of products available from Texrico, which sells fabrics in stock in Prato, includes solutions for every type of tailoring need.

We are confident that with the experience and creativity of those who work in this sector, they will be able to find suitable fabrics both to realize ideas and to market them in stores, Made in Italy has always been a guarantee of quality.

Texrico does not neglect environmental protection chooses for you the fabrics whose production processes respect sustainability and health.

This is a fundamental principle that not only are they free of toxic substances or pollutants, but that they are created thinking of the continuous cycle of matter, with care not only for the quality and characteristics but also for the safety parameters of the textile product.

Our products are selected with an eye to the future of the environment thanks to the use of natural fibers, organic fibers, organic cottons, eco-friendly, innovative and renewable.