Sale of fabrics in stock Prato – Tuscany – Italy

Texrico fabrics in stock for high fashion

Sale of fabrics in stock Prato

Our main activity consists in the marketing of fabrics in stock of fashion and high fashion, silk, wool, cotton, linen, viscose and others, both in Italy and abroad.

We are located in the Prato textile district, a square that offers stock fabrics selected from the best on the market.

We offer many types of compositions of rare quality fabrics, design and style.

Being in the district with experienced collaborators in the sector gives us the opportunity to supply a product that is always current and innovative.

Our company is an evolving reality in search of cutting-edge materials in the sale of stock fabric in Prato.

The main activity of wholesale and international export of any type of fabric depends on the experience grown over time. Since the company was founded in 1995, we have never stopped looking for fine products, fabrics and materials, selecting them after scrupulous checks.

Texrico sells fabrics in Stock in Prato is an important company that sells wholesale fabrics for fabrics and products for tailoring and fashion. We follow the innovations of the market, and export the high Italian quality all over the world. Follow us on Instagram!

Quality services


We carefully choose the finest fabrics

Quality control

Product quality is the first thing to be able to satisfy our customers.


Our products are guaranteed by our experience and the professionalism of our technicians.


We carefully choose the finest fabrics

Fabric has always been the soul of our city, so we have a wide range of choices to offer you the best product.

Quality control

We believe that the quality of the product must be the first thing to be able to satisfy our customers.

Vendita tessuti a stock Prato


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